Texture Sizes

Description of the file types and sizes needed for IMVU


Opacity Intensive

What opacity is and various examples of it in use as well as common mistakes people make.


How to make a Ruffle Texture with Photoshop CS

How to make a flat texture into ruffles!


Room Texturing Tips

General tips to think about when starting a room project


Tips Tricks for Room Deriving, Design Concepts

Room texturing basic concepts


Tips Tricks for Room Deriving, How to pick a room mesh

Teach yourself how to spot the good meshes from the problematic ones


Basic Seamless Textures

How to make a texture seamless


Advanced Seamless Texturing

How to make corrections to seamless textures


How to Make a Cell Texture for Cycling Animations

How to make aminated textures


How to Texture a Shirt

Basics on how to use a UV map to create a shirt texture


How to make a Shirt Opacity Map

How to make an opacity map for a garment


Skin Makers Resource Page

Skin making tools, maps and links to starter file downloads


Eye Texturing

Eye template and eye texturing tips


Neck Issues

The dreaded neck, a skin makers must read


Other's Tutorials!




Photoshop Step by Step Basic Hair. by Dalamar1013
Pump up the contrast (Hair) by Dalamar1013
Photoshop Eye Tutorial. by Dalamar1013

Basic AnySkin Tattoo Tutorial by Dalamar1013
Alignment of head. by Dalamar1013

Tip for Blending Seams by Dalamar1013


How to texture without a template map. (Create Mode Version) by Dalamar1013
Basic Fishnet Pattern by Dalamar1013
Basic Ribbing Texture Technique by Dalamar1013

Repetitive "Hounds Tooth" Pattern Tutorial by Dalamar1013

Plaid Diamond Clothing Texture Tutorial by Dalamar1013

How to Make Layered Clothes Using Opacity by Dalamar1013
Shading and Opacity Lesson (semi transparent textures) by Dalamar1013
Necklace Tutorial. by Dalamar1013
Basic Neck Alignment by Dalamar1013
Leg to torso Template Alignment Tutorial. by Dalamar1013
The Band Aid Tuts... or... 3 Ways to create shading by Dalamar1013

Cycling Animation to Create A Scrolling Effect On Only Part Of the texture. by Dalamar1013


Rooms and Furnature


VERY BASIC Tiled Wood Grain Tutorial by Dalamar1013
Simple Crown Molding, Chair Rail and Baseboards Neon Lighting Added by Dalamar1013
Light and shadow from wall light. by Dalamar1013



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