Neck Issues


“Ouch! >.< I just returned to imvu after going through many comp changes. only difference is now, I’m wokring on my new product line and its a full body tatoo series with some textures on the neck portion of the head peice. The neck looks fine in previewer, but in imvu the neck texture looked ok the first time I wore it, but now, its doesn’t look at alll like what I made. I can load the same .cfl in previewer and it looks spot-on correct, but in imvu its messed up, anyone have nay ideas what could be happening to it?” Orig Forum Post


I had the same issue on my Geisha skins, IMVUs skins have two necks, don’t ask me why I don’t see the logic in it either


Geisha skin that is had neck detail that is effected by the two neck issue


The way the top you are wearing is materiel assigned and UV mapped will determine what neck is in use. Nowadays by far most products will be using the body’s neck as that is the mesh most clothing meshers use to build on. But some of IMVU’s products, including the default green tee you wear in the previewer and create mode use the head’s neck texture.


Illustrating the Issue


On this skin texutres set I colored the neck area on the body blue and the neck on the head red.


Here is that skin texture in use with with two different prodcuts.


As you can see on te top prodcut the neck used is that of the head texture, yet on the second product its the bodys texcutre that is being used.




The unfortunate solition is that when making a skin the texutrer needs to make both necks fuction seamleslly. For those doign any aditional neck detial this soon becomes a nighmare. Any detail on the neck area needs to addwd on both necks so no matter which neck the mesh calls on the skin pattern stays intact. Unfortunately they are not mapped the same so it’s more than just a copy paste.


For help on making dealing with this a little easer check out my skinners tools.



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