Catalog, Marketing and IMVU's Economy


Keef’s Total Noob’s (and old farts) Guide to Deriving

Save your credits! Lean about deriving chains.


Credits Promos and Tokens, A basic guide to IMVU’s Currency and its Economy

A description of IMVUs currencies and what they can be used for.


Pricing Your Products

A description of the various creating fees and how to set your share of the profits.


Tiers, An Explanation of IMVU’s Tier Rewards program

The ins and outs of IMVUs creator perks program.


"Pro" Dreams

Thinks to think about to improve your sales


Bundled Products

How to package your product to sell as a collection


Promotional Bundles

How to create a product bundle for IMVU to promote and sell


Taking Screenshots

How to take product shots



Tutorials by Others


The DOs and DON'Ts of ICONS! by ChocolateCookie

Videos For Icons by Jamo



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