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This site was first born back in 2005 out on my own frustration of IMVU not providing tutorials for beginners and the forums sparsely populated and not having many who were willing to share their knowledge. Thankfully, that has long since changed!


But even though IMVU's training has caught up and has many great tutorials, and the forum’s now have many skilled and helpful creators hanging out in the texturing and 3d forums ready to jump in and aid, this site seems to still grow, evolving as IMVU does.


In the beginning this site was mostly about the basics, ‘how do I submit’, as that void is now filled with IMVU’s own tutorials the focus here has shifted to more ‘why do I do this’. (or more often why does IMVU do this.) Thus over the years guides on how tiers work, how currency works and why it works they way it does, and tips on things to think about when your making products have become the more prevalent subject matter, but you will still see an occasional new how-to tutorial pop up from time to time too.


New tutorials and guides come about normally by user suggestion, either asking for help in the forums on something that there is not much existing information on, or a question that is asked over and over so many times that it seems what information does exists is not clear enough.


2017 brings us our latest evolution. Launching our own Pixel Pusher Community Forums.

In February 2017 IMVU had decide that they no longer wanted to host a forum type of communication, closing its own forum and moving all user discussions to their help system. As this new discussion format does not support the ease of commutation, peer socialization and support we helper and tutorial providers needed Pixel Pusher opened up our own forums to cater to that ongoing need. The PPC is open to all levels of creators and artists as well as their fans. Come join our friendly and supportive community!


Product Suggestions


I do not take product requests or do customs. I am however open to product suggestions. What’s the difference you may ask???

A custom or request is generally done when one wants a specific thing made, to look a specific way, within a specified time frame, and normally involves some sort of compensation for the work. It may or may not be made as an exclusive.

A suggestion is the sharing of an idea that you would like to see come to realization in IMVU with no expectation of having any control over how one will creatively run with the idea or how it ultimately turns out. There is no deadline for completion, and it needs to be something that IMVU at large would also have ready access to derive or buy.

In general suggestions need to fit into what projects I already have done or may be working on. Take a look at what I have made in the past to get an idea of the themes I tend to stick to. My catalog is pretty eclectic so there are a variety of areas I cover. My main focuses are Nature, Historic/Fantasy/RP, Club/Concert Gear and Holiday Decor.

-Don’t suggest I make something that is totally out of character for my catalog or out of my wheelhouse of skills.

-Don’t ask if I will directly copy another creator’s product. It can be inspired by another’s work but has to be different enough to justify the need.

-Don’t expect it quick, to be made in order of which it was received, or even made at all. (If you NEED something or need it fast, you should look to another creator.) Until the idea fits into what I’m working on it won’t happen. Also know I am OCD on this stuff so it takes me a while to make things. In addition I have a huge backlog of things I already have needing made that may take priority. (Though if your idea inspires me enough it may very well jump to the front of the list!)

-Don’t expect to pay me. The sharing of a cool idea that inspired me is payment enough. I will ultimately make my time investment back in derived sales and sales.

That all said, 75% of my catalog offerings came from other’s suggestions, so don’t be afraid to share an idea with me, it might just happen. :)


Site Support


This site is solely supported by those buying Keef’s products on IMVU. If I have been able to help you out with this website please help me keep it going by purchasing my products or deriving from my meshes. Every little bit helps!!!


Happy Deriving



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