Meshes made with the texturer in mind


Derivable Rooms
Derivable Furniture
Derivable Clothing and Worn Items


Keef’s Room and Furniture Meshes may be very different than you are used to using.


Keef’s Derivables are made with the advanced texturer’s needs in mind. If you are one to just use source images you wont see much of  difference but it you are the type who likes to custom build your textures for each use you will find many of these meshes are a lot more versatile than the usual fair. UV maps are common for all items that use them. Extra attention is paid on tiling areas to make them as even as possible.


“I became a mesher out of my own frustration using mesh’s that just couldn't’t do what I wanted, whether it was inconsistent stretching, things tiling too much, or no UV maps provided when they should have been. If that’s been your problem too, give one of my mesh’s a try and you’ll see the difference.”


Most of Keefs meshes come with thought out UV maps, designed for the kind of texture who wants that have more control over the details of their design.


Attention is also paid to keeping Polygon counts reasonable making for less laggy products.



Morocco Tray Table Mesh




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