Derivable Furniture


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Poses and Pose Spots


8 Person Cuddle (AP)


Floating Couple


Military Stance Pose spot


Healing Circle






Morocco Chair info page


Morocco Sofa 1 info page


Morocco Sofa 2 info page


Floor Pillows info page

Trash Sofa Reflective


Trash Sofa


Dinner Theater Booth, Reflective info page

Dinner Theater Booth, Reflective info page



Dressing Area Mesh info page

Reading Rug Mesh info page





Morocco Tray Table, Low info page


Morocco Tray Table, Tall info page


Altar Table MESH


Charts Table Mesh info page


Snooker Table



Bars and Bar Accessories



Pub Bar


Tavern Bar info page






Wall Hangings



Pub Art


Gallery Art, Horizontal Frame

Gallery Art, Vertical Frame


Blacklight Poster info page






Stage LED Screen LCD Screens info page
Large LCD Screens for adding still or animated images to your stage or club.


Fires and Fireplaces




Fireplace Mesh, Reflective info page


Fireplace Mesh info page



Misc Decor




Gothic Windows



Box Office, Reflective info page


Velvet Ropes


Bike Sculptures info page


4 Act Easel Mesh info page
A Burlesque style Act Poster Display Easel.


Oil Drum info on prodcut page




Stage and Club Lighting


Animated Laser Light info page


Stage Moving Lights Stage Moving Light info page
Full size animated moving lights the must have for any stage show or large club.


Gobo Light beam


Room Illuminating Club Lights


TV. Film Studio Light info page



Stages and Dance Floors


Paw Stage


Disco Floor Lights

Disco Dance Floor Lights, Large






Recording Studio Mic Recording Studio Mic info page
The Must have mic for any recording studio.


Nervous Poet Mic info on product page




DJ Gear


DJ Booth Screen maps on product page


GIG mixing desk Gig Mixing Desk info page
For bands on the go, this is a road style sound mixing desk propped up on road cases.




Musical Instruments

Concert Grand Piano Mesh info page Full size performance style concert grand piano, has both singer and player animations.





Nature and Outdoor


Outdoor Add-Ons

Beach Hut NEW! info page




Potted Plants


Reflective Potted Plants (Click Here for Pot Maps)


Tropical Plants


Woodland Plants






Mushrooms (Click Here for Mushroom Maps)

Fairy Ring




Water Plants


Marine Kelp


Giant Water Lilies, ANIMATED!




The Lady's Boat MESH


Leaf Boat






Grand Piazza Fountain info page


Grand Piazza Fountain, Reflective info page





Room Illuminating Crystals




Fantasy Obelisk info page


Fantasy Round Building info page



Stone Wall info page

Stone Water Trough info page

Rustic Gate info page

Rustic Fence info page

Rustic Cart info page


Ambushed Coach (AP) info page


Sword Training Dummy info page





Easter Egg Hunt


Pumpkin Patch


Story Pumpkin


Jack O Lanterns


Animated Webs


Christmas Tree Mesh info page
As requested, here is the mesh I use for making my Christmas trees.


Opened Boxes Mesh info page


Snow Pile


Falling snow effect


Ice Skating!





Portals and Flash Widgets


Signposts with Tidy's Room Portal


Signposts Decorative only


Desk with Tidy's Flash Banner browser


'Cup od Sending' with animation and Tidy's Room Portal


Fairy Ring with Tidy's Room Portal


Swag Vendor with Tidy's product browser






Odds N Ends



Dirt Coffin Mesh


Crashed UFO

Landed UFO

Landed UFO Reflective Version


Double Decker Bus info page
Custom your own buss, either just change the route or the adds, or re-texture the whole thing!



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