Every Shoppers Must Know Guide




IMVU has two types of currency Promotional Credits and Credits.


Promotional Credits:

Promo Credits, sometimes referred to as Predits (promotional credits) or Fredits (free credits), are credits given by IMVU for starting your account, invite bonuses, browsing new products, playing the spinner game, etc. PromotionalCredits have restrictions on their use. You cannot give away, or buy gifts with Promotional Credits. Promotional Credits can only be used for purchasing items for yourself .



Credits are currency that was purchased from IMVU, a credit reseller or given to you by another user. Credits have no restrictions on their use.




Clothing on IMVU works by replacing body parts. Because if this not all products will work together. If both items replace the same body part you can only wear one of the items.



Try It is your best defense on knowing what clothing will be compatible with what.




Don’t forget to review your purchases! Developers are Artists and by definition narcissistic ;) .


Reviews let other shoppers know if the product is good or not. They also let the developers know how a product is being received and have a big influence on what path the developer will take their product line in the future. Tell em love it and they’ll make more!


Don’t let the fact that a product has no reviews or that it already as a bazillion of them dissuade you! get out there and review!!!


Buyer Beware!


Stolen Work


IMVU catalog is chock full of illegal products. These products do not belong on IMVU nor should you buy them. In purchasing an Illegal product you run the risk of loosing that item if and when it is removed from the catalog.


How to Spot an illegal product…


Uses a brand name or logo. (Nike, Addidas, Channel, DKNY, Coke, Nintendo)

Uses music logos or images of signed recording artists. (much of music products on IMVU are Illegal copies.)

Stickers of Famous people or characters.

Replicates a popular character from TV, Film, Anime.


Racy Clothes, Poses, Furniture and Access Pass products


Many developers ignore the Access Pass guidelines and just because a developer puts an item in a part of the catalog does not mean it should be there nor guarantees it will be there tomorrow.


If you are not a Pass Holder…


Purchasing racy item that is marked General Audience is no guarantee that it will remain in General Audience and you will NOT get a refund from IMVU if the product is moved to Access Pass use only. If you try on the item with your default IMVU skin and can see the fig leaves that are covering your privates it will be moved.


If you are a Pass Holder…


The Access Pass only covers a limited range of racy goods. Outright sexual content is NOT allowed on IMVU. If you purchase a product, even as a Pass holder, that is more than just racy you run the risk of that product being removed. IMVU will not refund your purchase for items deemed too adult for IMVU.


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