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Personal Koi MESH
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Driving Map
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A school of carp that swim around your avatar







Male Bottoms




Small Kilt info page NEW!!!

Great Kilts info page NEW!!!




Pants and Boots Pirate Pants and Boots info page

Left PeglegRight Pegleg Pirate Pants and Boot with Peg Leg info page


18th Century Pants with Stockings and Shoes info page

18th Century Pants info page


Assets Skintights with High Boots info page





Basic standard skin mapped Skin Composite Bottoms


SkinTight Pants Med info page
High Boot Compatible

SkinTight M Pants Long SkinTight Pants Long info page
Lows boot and Shoe compatible

SkinTight Pants XLong SkinTight Pants XLong info page
Non Shoe Compatible



Detail Maped Low Rise Skintight pants


These may look like standard skintights but they are UV mapped so you can get some real detail on them. They also don't have the front crotch seam issue. Because these do not use the skin map they are not opacity compatible.

Skintight Med (Detail) Skintight Med (Detail)

Skintight Long (Detail Mapped) Skintight Long (Detail)

Skintight V Med (Detail) Skintight V Front Med (Detail)

Skintight V Long(Detail) Skintight V Front Long (Detail)



Male Shoes


9 Button Boots info page NEW!!!


Leather Shoes Mesh info page


Boots Pirate Boots info page


18th Century Shoes info page


Ghillie Brogues Ghillie Brogues info page
Formal shoes to match your kilts


Male Tops


Male Corset Male Corset info page


Male Corset with Hands Male Corset with Hands info page



Male Hair


JD Hair in Russet and White

Drow Warrior Hair


Gen Hair Gen Hair
Low Poly Genie style topknot



Male Accesories

Lord's Fly Plaid info page NEW !!!

Great Kilt ADD ON info page NEW!!!


Barbed Wire Blindfold

Fly Plaid info page


Bead Hoop single left Bead Hoop single left
One captured bead loop on the left ears


Bead Hoops 5 per side Bead Hoops 5 per side
Five captured bead loops on both ears









Female Tops


Corsets info page
Classical corset shape that flattens and lift the bust

Derivable Corset-BustierDerivable Corset-Bustier V2Derivable Corset-Bustier V3

Corset Dress Corset Dress (Short) Corset Dress (+flares) Corset Dress (+boots)
Also Check out KittenKat's versions of the Female Corsets


Female Shoes


9 Button Boots info page NEW!!!


Leather Shoes Mesh info page


Female Accessories


Lady's Fly Plaid


Barbed Wire Blindfold F


Dance Fans info page
Burlesque style dance fans with dance animation.


Tragus Bead Hoop L Tragus Bead Hoop L
A single Tragus piercing for the left ear.


Razi Bead Hoops Razi Bead Hoops
Left Ear: One upper hoop, three lobe hoops, and one tragus
Right Ear: Three lobe hoops


Wicked Bead Hoops Wicked Bead Hoops
Left Ear: Two upper hoops, three lobe hoops.
Right Ear: Two upper hoops.


Bead Hoops 5 per side Bead Hoops 5 per side
5 beaded hoops on each ear.







Bear Ears F Bear Ears M




Cat Bell Collar F Cat Bell Collar M




Broken Uni Horn F Broken Uni Horn M Raiser Horns






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