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Other meshes you may be interested in...

Small Kilt PID 29381356
Simple Belted Plaid without a drape

Great Kilt V1 (Drape Down) PID 29382109
Belted Plaid with the drape hanging down

Great Kilt V2 (Drape Up) PID 29428311
Belted Plaid with the drape pined up on shoulder

Lord's Fly Plaid Add-On PID 29382312
Separate add-on that can be combined with other outfits.

Lady's Fly Plaid Add-On PID 29543234
Separate add-on that can be combined with other outfits

Drape Add-On PID 29382135
Same drape as used on the Great Kilt V1 but as a seprate an add-on accessory to use with other outfits.


Here are your UV Maps!

Also Providing Highlight and Shadow maps that you may use to quickly detail your textures!
(Photoshop Users: Set Shadow Layer to Multiply and Highlight Layer to Overlay then adjust transparency as desired .)

Small Kilt, Great Kilt V1 & V2

M00 Belt ((Hidden by default, replace or remove the opacity to use it)

Great Kilt V1 belt shadow map

Great Kilt V2 belt shadow map

M01 Undies!!!
Don't forget your undies to keep this GA!!! (You can go AP regimental but there will be clipping in some poses.)

M07 Default Skin
IMPORTATNT! Leave this texture as-is so legs remain all skin compatible.

M08 Kilt Left Side

M09 Kilt Right Side


Great Kilt V1

M10 Kilt Drape


Great Kilt V2

M10 Kilt Drape


Lord's Fly Plaid

Just use a horizontally seamless texture here! (Tiles 3 times horizontally)

Happy Deriving!!!!

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