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Button Boot Meshes

Inspired by the hand made leather boots popular at Renascence Fares!


Other meshes you may be interested in...

9 Button Soft Boots M PID 29389501

9 Button Soft Boots F PID 29389706

Here are your UV Maps!

Also Providing Highlight and Shadow maps that you may use to quickly detail your textures.
(Photoshop Users: Set Shadow Layer to Multiply and Highlight Layer to Overlay then adjust transparency as desired

Note: Most are these are oversized maps. You may want to re-size your final images down 50% to keep your overall file size down unless super detail is necessary.

M10 Front Vamp

M11 Back

M12 Pipeing

M13 Eyelets

M14 Sole and Inner Lining

M15 Buttons

M16 Laces

M17 Right Cuff and M18 Left Cuff (Hidden by default, replace or remove the opacity to use it)
Made as separate Materials so they don't have to match.

Happy Deriving!!!!

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