Pricing Your Products

The IMVU pricing structure can be confusing at first. Here is a basic breakdown.



Derivtion Cost:

This is the base cost of a product. This fee goes to pay for the mesh your product is built on. It is the total of the original IMVU deriving fee plus the fees of any subsequent developers in the deriving chain. This fee is built into the cost of every purchase and paid out to all in the deriving chain on purchase.




This is the amount you will make on a sale or a derive when an item is purchased with credits. (if  a product is acquired with promotional credits the sale is considered a promotion and you will get one dev token instead)


Retail Markup:

This is a 10% fee tacked on by IMVU to every product. The VIP discount is taken from this fee.


Final Price:

This is the final list price of your product in the catalog. This is the total of the breakeven cost, your profit plus the IMVU 10% fee.


This is the price your customers will pay. This is not the profit you will make.


Submission Fee:

There is a base submission fee for all products. It is paid when you submit a product. The base Submission fee is 500cr.


Deriving Fee:

This fee is to pay the mesh developer(s) for your copy of the product and is paid when you submit a product.





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