Skinners Resource Page

Tips Tricks and Tools to aid you in making IMVU Skins, Brows and Eyes oh MY!


This Page Incudes:


-Keefs Skin Testers
-IMVUs Default (and fugly) Skin and Head UV Maps
-Keefs Custom (and purdy) Skin, Head, Eye and Brows Maps.

-Links to some cool Skin Makeing Tutorial Groups and Guides
-Links to IMVUs PSD Skin Files

Keef’s Skin Testers


This is a tool concept I came up with to help skin makers more easily test their skins.




Furniture Skin Testers! Now you can use these in create mode. You can scale and rotate them just like any other piece of furniture. As before you’ll only want to test derive as these are just for the purpose of seeing how things look, you don’t want to submit these or else your just making some really weird furniture. I can no longer protect devs from accidental uploads on these as create mode will not allow me to lock them yet allow them to be used so be real careful not to submit.


Female Skin Texture Tester PID 8309478

Male Skin Texture Tester PID 8309384


Quick Instructions


-derive for the gender you need.
-apply your textures in place of mine.
-use the model to preview how your skin looks make any edits needed.
-once happy close the editor and derive from a IMVU skin to submit.


How it Works!


The tester will load with two dummy avatars. I tried to pose them so you can see all the seams more easily.


One modle is sporting the neck that is on the body texture. (between legs) the other is sporting the neck on head texture. S/he also has her eyes closed so you can see your eye makeup in the closed position.


NOTE: It is important that you make your skin so BOTH neck areas look correct as these necks are interchangeable depending on the outfit the avatar is wearing.


Aside the head of the dummy on the right there are exposed mouthparts for seeing those areas normally impossible to see to make it easy to preview dental work, tongue piercing, etc.


Once you get your skin textures ready to test load the Skin Tester then just swap out the head and body textures as you normally would. Hit ‘Apply Changes’ and the models will change letting you proof your work.


You can also swap the eye texture and remove the brows by adding an all black opacity there if needed.


When happy with the skin edits you will use the normal IMVU inc skin product to derive from to submit with.


Happy Skin making!!!


IMVU’s Skin Templates


Here are IMVU's basic wireframe templates for making Skins, Brows, and Eyes Supplied by IMVU.


Male Head

Male Body


Female Head


Female Body





Keef made Content Creator Maps


Eye: Unisex


This one IMVU has not provided so I pulled the map from 3D Max. Discussion Thread
This is a large working file, your final texture should be resized to 128×128 or 64×64


Female Brows


Male Brows


Female Head

Guess what, IMVUs default head and its map’s lips are mapped totally different than all the other head’s lips! gaaaaaaa!!!

So here is a UV map I made up that shows how all the other heads besides the default head are mapped. Basically IMVU’s default head uses more area for the lips than all the other heads. (Default lips area shown in dark green)

Female Head map for all heads other than Default

Resize to 256×256 for your final texture.


Ideally you’ll want to make your skin to look OK on both head types, but realistically that is going to be real tough as the lips are mapped dramatically different. You may end up wanting to focus on one type of head or make two versions, one for IMVU default and one all other the other heads.


Male Head


Same issue with the lips plus this ones necks are mapped differently to boot!


-Green Neck is for custom heads.

-Pink Neck is for Default heads.

-Purple part of neck is used on IMVU inc clothing meshes that don’t use the body neck.



Jumbo Skin Maps!

Re-size to 256×512 for your final texture.


Female Skin



Male Skin



New!!! Hair Base Map


The hair base has got to have one of the worst UV unwrapping jobs for retexturing on the avatar, its a hot mess. So if you ever wondered why you cant make it look good, here is why.


Hair Base map With Labels


Hair Base Map Wireframe Only


Hair Base Opacity Map



Skin Texture Making Tutorials

TIP! The IMVU Texturing forum is full of great tutorials on making skin textures.


MissVix Skin and Tattoo Specialist
Downloadable premade templates.


Skins and Tattos Group
MissVix’s group full of skin and tatoo making tutorials and tips


Rotten’s Tutorials and Instants
Rotten has made a wonderful and very comprehensive collection of her personal skin making tips and tricks. A must read for all wanting to make skins.




IMVU’s Starter Skin File Links


Here are quick links to IMVUinc’s texture flies can normally be found on the product page. These files are all PSDs so you will need a program that can open them (Photoshop, GIMP, PaintshopPro, etc.) The files will be zipped so you will need to extract them before using.







PPC Forums Link