Eye Template


IMVU Eye Template


“How big do I make my eye texture?”

“Where can I find IMVUs eye template?”


Asked for over and over because IMVU Doesn’t provide it…*insert drum roll here* The IMVU eye in all its UV loveliness…


tisk tisk, look at all those wasted pixels. *le sigh*


This size is 256×256 which is huge for the size the IMVU eye will render. Half this size 128×128 is fine for the final texture unless your eye has super detail, but even then most folks wont see the difference when rendered unless fully zoomed in on the eye.

Remember you’re the artist here, play with the size of the iris and pupil to your liking, there are no rules so have fun with it!


Eye Texturing Tip


“How do I make my eyes have more depth?”


You need to think of an eye as a 3D shape. An eye is not flat, nor is it just a ball.


Think of an eye as a ball with a secondary ball like cutout in the front of it. Then imagine how the light would be highlight and shadowing that object. Add those highlights and shadows to your eye texture and see how it starts to pop into 3d space.





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