Big O'l List of Meshing Naming Conventions

(because I keep forgetting them, lol)



Materiel Names [0] All materials must be numbered with [  ]



skeleton.Room Base node for all rooms
furniture.Floor.01 Room floor node
furniture.Wall.01 (z pointing in) Room wall node
furniture.Ceiling.01 (z pointing down) Room ceiling node
SeeThrough01 (z pointing in) Drop away mesh node
camera.01.01.root Camera location
camera.01.01.root.Target Camera Focus opint
Omni01 Point light source




Root Base node for all furniture meshes




seat01 Pose alignment location (no name will default to a stading node)
seat01.Standing A default Standing location (will use Avatar's stand poses)

seat01.Sitting A default Sitting location (will use Avatar's sit poses)


Optional Nodes
(not necessary unless you need these to occur in non default locations)

Seat icon location

Cooperative action receiver alignment node
Pitcher01 Cooperative action giver alignment node

Note: you must keep the Catcher and Pitcher orintaion to one another EXACT or else hugs and such will not line up.


Custom Seats Naming Convention


Multiple Seats using same pose







Multiple Seats using unique poses





In Create use stance.Mypose1(Mypsoe2), etc as your trigger(s)


Note: "Mypose" can be anything but it must be capitalised or seats will not work.



Create Mode Settings

Auto Animations


stance.Idle Auto running mesh animation, Idle must be capitalized.




stance.Seatname seat pose, must be capitalized


Prop Actions


stance.Idle off animation
stance.Seatname Avatar animation
stance.Seatname-seat01 or stance.Seatname-seat01,02  Mesh Animation



Avatar Accessories


AttachmentRoot Alignment Location for an accessory
AccessoryNode Child to above, weight your mesh to this node.


Avatar Compatibility IDs


80 Female

191 Male
80,191 Unisex


Avatar Bone List


Bone names used in Accessory settings




lfHip lfThigh lfCalf lfFoot lfToes xTipBone86

rtHip rtThigh rtCalf rtFoot rtToes xTipBone38


Spine01 Spine02 Spine03 Spine04 Neck01 Neck02 Neck03 Neck04 Head xTipBone33


lfClavicle lfShoulder lfbicep lfElbow lfWrist lfHand

lfmetaCarpal01 lfThumb01d lfThumb02 lfThumb03 xTipBone88

lfmetaCarpal02 lfFingerIndex01 lfFingerIndex02 lfFingerIndex03 xTipBone89

lfmetaCarpal03 lfFingerMiddle01 lfFingerMiddle02 lfFingerMiddle03 xTipBone87

lfmetaCarpal04 lfFingerRing01 lfFingerRing02 lfFingerRing03 xTipBone90

lfmetaCarpal05 lfFingerPinky01 lfFingerPinky02 lfFingerPinky03 xTiprtFingerne83


rtClavicle rtShoulder rtbicep rtElbow rtWrist rtHand

rtmetaCarpal01 rtThumb01 rtThumb02 rtThumb03 xTipBone66

rtmetaCarpal02 rtFingerIndex01 rtFingerIndex02 rtFingerIndex03 xTipBone70

rtmetaCarpal03 rtFingerMiddle01 rtFingerMiddle02 rtFingerMiddle03 xTipBone74

rtmetaCarpal04 rtFingerRing01 rtFingerRing02 rtFingerRing03 xTipBone78

rtmetaCarpal05 rtFingerPinky01 rtFingerPinky02 rtFingerPinky03 xTiprtFingerne82




Avatar Default Material IDs



Head [2]
Eyes [3]
Hair [4]
Eyelashes [5]
Skin [7]
Eyebrows [8]



Head [2]
Eyes [3]
Hair [4]
Eyelashes [5]
Eyebrows [6]
Skin [7]



Avatar Default MESH Body Part IDs

0 Head
1 Hair
2 Torso and arms
3 R Hand
4 L Hand
5 Pelvis
6 R Leg
7 L Leg
8 R Foot
9 L Foot


Morph Target Names


.Clamped - allows multiple morph animations to affect the channel but clamps the sum of their effects to 100%

.Averaged - allows multiple morph animations to affect the channel, averages the result.

.Exclusive - allows only one morph animation (the most recent one applied) to affect the channel, no cap on value (i.e. allows values greater than 100%)

.Additive - allows multiple animations to affect the channel, values are added together.



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