How to Force a Product Update


The Problem


“I edited a product but I still see the old one.”

“My products icons won’t update.”

“I see one version of a product but my friend sees another.”


The Reason


IMVUs Client works by downloading product files to your computer and then rendering them from those downloaded flies. To speed up the time for products to show if you have used an item before IMVU will render from the previously downloaded files instead of re-downloading a new copy every time you use something.


What this means as a developer is that if you update a file on the IMVU server you will still be seeing the old copy on your computer until you erase that file so it has to download the file again.


Flies stored by programs and websites on your computer this way are collectively called cache.


The Solution


Clearing Cache in your IMVU client files is the way to purge these older files from your system. You will want to get in the habit of doing this do this after resubmitting a product so that you can see your updates in just a few moments vs in IMVU’s sweet time.


Automatic Method


IMVU’s Embedded Cache Cleaner is located in the clients settings menu. This client function is notorious for not working completely or working  intermittently depending on the client version you are on. When logged into the client click Settings and scroll all the way down to the clear cache option and click. Your client may freeze or crash at this point. In any case you’ll need to log out and log back in to see the changes. (you may also have to get dressed again)


A Better way, I personally use and recommend Hellstrong’s Cache Cleaner. It is a supplemental downloadable program

Hellstrong has created that will remove all your client’s product files in one easy click. update group


Manual Method


With the manual method you will just browse for the product number on your computer and delete it. This will force your client to download a fresh copy of that file with the changes. This method is great if you don’t want to have to download all your files again.

Where are the files? By default these will be hidden files so you will not see them if your computer is still set to not show hidden files. Use your computers help to see how to unhide files on your system.


Manual Product PID Update


Easiest way to do this is to just  do a search for the cfl # and delete.


Or you can browse for it, these locations periodically change with updates so they may not be in these exact spots on your system.

XP Documents and Settings\”Windows User”\Application Data\IMVU\ProductFiles

Vista and 7 Users/YourUsername/Roaming/IMVU/ProductFiles


Do this when logged out of the client or you will get an fatal error.


Manual Inventory Image Update





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