Pose Swapping and Removing


Can I remove seats I don’t want? A: Maybe


Im using a mesh but it has a weird seat in the middle of it, can I get rid of it? (common issue with new meshers that don’t know that they need to replace the default chair’s skeleton fie.)


Can I turn a sofa into a no pose?


A room had a bed that I opacity mapped away but the sleeping poses are still there floating in space! ack!!!


First off your best off if you can get the mesher to make the mesh how you want it to be. The mesh will be more efficient if it never had those assets as part of it in the first place. If the mesher cannot or will not help you then read on.


If the product is a room then no, you cannot remove the seats. All you can do with a room is break unwanted custom poses by removing them from the actions tab or by changing the syntax of their trigger, both of which will turn them into standing spots.

However, where those standing spots end up may be more of a problem than the original pose. This will also not work if the seats are default sit spots. If the standing spot won’t work then look into doing a pose change instead.


For a furniture item you may be able to remove the poses entirely by replacing the mesh’s skeleton. This will only work if the mesh itself has been parented to the default root, if it hasn’t doing this will break the product. Do not attempt this on a product that has a mesh animation of some sort or it will go boom! (texture animations are not mesh animations)


To do this download my empty furniture xsf file and replace the meshe’s xsf with the empty one on the yellow Config (create mode) or Special (previewer) tab. Hit ‘apply changes’ and if the mesh is compatible the pose spots will all be gone.


Q: Can I change a pose I don’t like? A: Yes…but…


I love a mesh except for this one pose that just isn’t working for me. It would be perfect if I could only change that one pose.


Pose and pose spot making for avatars while similar does not involve all of the skills that will be needed here. If you are not already familiar with pose making for rooms or furniture then this is something I would not attempt. First learn how to make poses fitted to your own meshes before attempting to add your custom poses to an existing mesh.


-First make a quick rough of the pose you want, export its xaf and load it into the spot of the offending pose. Look and see where it is compared to where it needs to be, its xyz location and its rotation will more than likely need tweaked.


-Move the pose internally via its pelvis root to make the positional changes. Export and test fit again. Repeat this process until the pose is where you need it. (Moving the skeleton root will not change the pose’s relative location)


-Once the rough location is figured out of the pose then begin work on tweaking the pose/animation to its final look. Export and test often to see how it is working. This process should take many MANY fittings so don’t get discouraged if it takes you forever, it should.


Q: Can I combine a product with a pose I like from one Creator with the mesh of another Creator? A: No.


I love part of product A and I love part of Product B, can I combine them?


Only if you are the creator of the mesh or pose can you use another product’s assets by deriving from them and swapping you the unwanted assets with their own.


If you are not the maker of either product you can always ask the maker of one of them if they can do the tweak for you. An ethical dev won’t out and out copy another’s work, but they may be willing to do derive and add the asset you want or they may be willing to do their own version of what you want. (If a creator is willing to out and out copy someone’s work for you, find a different dev… you may be the one they choose to copy next.)


Advanced furniture makers, If you are very familiar with how seat nodes and custom naming conventions work you can also swap out and existing xsf file to a custom one of your design to match your mesh. Doing so you can use derivable products with custom poses all new places and ways. Plan on having to do several fittings to get it all to up the way you want. You can turn one derivable dance spot into a floating dance platform for ten!



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