IMVU’s Content Guidelines,

What it all means to you as a developer


IMVU is a privately run company. As such they get to set the tone of what the IMVU experience to be. IMVU’s Terms of Service (TOS) and Virtual Goods Policy (VGP) set the limits of what they will and what they will not allow on their site. It is up to the developers to read and understand the limitations IMVU has put on content.


I will only briefly go over what each of these documents is about and what they mean in relation to product development. This document is not intended to nor should be taken as a replacement for reading and understanding IMVU’s full Terms of Service and Virtual Goods Policy.


IMVU’s Terms of Service (TOS) link


This is the broadest sweeping document on IMVU. It encompasses the basic code of conduct for all users and developers on IMVU alike. All users agree to abide by this TOS when the sign up for IMVU.


The TOS covers such basic things as


-Minimum age requirements
-Defining IMVU limits of liability
-Appropriate use of IMVU’s assets
-Your responsibilities for maintaining account security
-Your responsibility to make good on purchases
-Restrictions of IMVU’s credits use
-Right to Privacy
-Basic Etiquette and Expected conduct on IMVU


It also covers Content Creator issues such as


-Only submitting content that you have full rights to
-Complying with the Virtual Goods Policy
-Granting IMVU full use of everything you submit in perpetuity
-Your financial and legal liabilities for using stolen content in your submissions
-Restrictions of use of IMVU’s Logos and Trademarks
-How to file a product takedown notice if your work has stolen and is being sold on IMVU, and issue a counter claim.


Virtual Goods Rating Policy (VGP) link
(Formally called the mature content policy)


The Virtual Goods Policy is the guidelines that define what content is deemed General Audience, Access Pass Only, or Unfit for IMVU and is something every developer on IMVU should endeavor to become intimately familiar with.


A quick breakdown of the three categories…


General Audience (GA)


This is content that is available for all IMVU users to use and see, therefore should be appropriate for minors. All clothing must meet or exceed the Minimum Coverage Guidelines to be classified as General Audience appropriate.

The Minimum Coverage Guidelines (MCG) denotes what areas of the skin can not been be able to be seen for a clothing item to be rated General Audience. There are maps of these areas available to download on the Virtual Goods Policy page to aid you when making your garments.

Click here for information on getting and using the Minimum Coverage Guides


Access Pass Only (AP) (APO)


This is content that IMVU has defined as only appropriate for those over the age of 18. One must claim to be over the age of 18 and purchase the Access Pass for an additional fee in order to use or see this content.

Access Pass content includes, racer clothing, nudity, intimate and sensual poses, profanity, alcohol & tobacco use, blood and gore.


Unfit For IMVU (UFI)


This is content that IMVU has defined as having no place on the IMVU website, including products and on homepages.

Unfit for IMVU content includes, items depicting any sexual activities or sexual arousal, illegal drug use, drug paraphernalia or drug reference, actual wagering of money or credits, gratuitous violence, violent acts, suicide, hate speech.



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